The USV Annals of Economics and Public Administration, Vol 10, No 3

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The implications of cultural dimensions on business practices and managerial behaviour within the organisations of bihor country

Maria-Madela Abrudan, Mirabela Constanţa Matei, Adriana Şchiopoiu Burlea, Doina Danaiata, Mirela Sirbu, Doina Rosca


The scientific references consider that the influence of culture on organization and leading, on management in general, should be examined from two viewpoints: that of national culture and corporate culture. Although, there is a direct relationship between the two types of culture, and they are mutually influencing each other, they are not identical phenomena, they are different in nature. Over time, specialists have confirmed the influence of national and corporate culture on the behaviour of managers, on their style and work behaviour, reaching the conclusion that corporate culture does not erase or diminish the national culture; on the contrary, sometimes it even maintains or increases the national differences. The project Managerial Behaviour within the Organizations of Romania – COMOR – was initiated in 2008 by the Romanian Scientific Society of Management and it consists of a research aiming to identify the cultural dimensions of organizational management within the Romanian territory. The overall objective of the research is to identify the factors acting on the organizational structures and managerial behaviour in order to promote and lead the change of structures at micro, medium and macroeconomic level. Our paper, taking into consideration the results of the Globe [6] project as well, intends, based on the use of the survey method, with the questionnaire as the research instrument, to determine the effects of national culture, or its subcultures, exerted on business practices and behaviour of managers within the organizations of Bihor County.

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