The USV Annals of Economics and Public Administration, Vol 10, No 3

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Accounting information in the context of globalization

Alexandra-Daniela Socea


The evolution of national economies is influenced by forces acting globally. In this regard, operating, financial and investment decisions have significant international implications. Most of them are based on accounting information, which must be remarked by quality from all points of view. Since the accounting information range of users is diverse and their information needs are at least as diverse, interpretation of accounting informations quality is characterized by subjectivity. The users’ requirements are evolving in a rapidly rhythm and accounting must continuously adapt to the new informational requirements. Through their nature and content the accounting informations contributes to substantiate the decisions of various categories of users: current and potential investors, employees and unions, customers, financial and commercial lenders, government and its institutions, state, public. In the current international context, an accounting information able to satisfy users’ needs is more than ever necessary. By its nature and functions, accounting disciplined the economic life, directing it toward profitable alternatives. Equally, the accounting rigor has cultivated the sense of trust in business, has developed the economic poise and the order of the entrepreneur. The importance of accounting consists in its universal value, in its functionality at all stages of development of human society.

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