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Actualizat: 2020-01-09
Alumni FSEAP Centre de cercetare Granturi Publicatii International Economic Conference Achizitii In memoriam
Str. Universitatii nr.13, Suceava 720229
Tel: 0330-101130,
int.: Decan - 300, 301
Secretariat - 303, 304
Secretariat ID - 309, 315
Email: decanat@seap.usv.ro


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Ştefan cel Mare University of Suceava is one of the most dynamic universities in Eastern Europe, providing higher education of high quality standards at a relatively low cost. It is a state university accredited by ARACIS who granted USV the High Confidence Certificate, the highest recognition award in institutional assessment of Romanian higher education.
The official name of our University carries forward the name of the greatest ruler of Moldavia between 1457-1504, Stephen III of Moldavia, most prominent representative of the House of Muşat, also known as Stephen the Great (Ştefan cel Mare, 1533-1504), not only to pay tribute to the human spirit in the service of economic progress, political stability and cultural development, but also to justify the desire and ability to effectively contribute to the social, cultural and economic development of Bucovina.
Ştefan cel Mare University of Suceava is one of the very few universities in this region with a comprehensive curriculum including more than one hundred programs at undergraduate, master, doctoral and post-doctoral level from educational areas such as Arts & Humanities, Engineering & IT, Life Sciences, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences, Health.
The University has continuously developed since its foundation; at present, Campus I comprises almost 66.000 square metres of teaching facilities, two gymnasiums, a synthetic-grass sports ground provided with a hot-air inflatable rooftop and equipped with a lighting system, Planetarium, as well as a Swimming and Kinetotherapy Complex.
The University provides accommodation for over 1000 students in 5 residential facilities of European standards.
Ştefan cel Mare University of Suceava provides a comprehensive curriculum including more than 130 undergraduate, master, doctoral, post-doctoral and lifelong education programs of study for almost 10,000 students. Located in the beautiful multicultural land of Bukovina, Ştefan cel Mare University of Suceava is surrounded by the greatest density of UNESCO monuments in Eastern Europe and numerous picturesque landscapes that offer students great opportunities for extracurricular activities.
See the web site of Ştefan cel Mare University of Suceava http://www.usv.ro/index.php/en
The Stefan cel Mare University is a modern institution with over 50 years of tradition in higher education. In 2005, the University adopted the principles of the Bologna Declaration (1999) and of the Magna Charta Universitatum. The University is located in north-eastern Romania, in Bukovina, a region of scenic beauty with a strong focus on social and cultural tradition, a source of national pride and inspiration throughout the centuries. Since 1990 all 9 faculties of our University have provided 3-4-year undergraduate programmes (undergraduate programmes in technical education take 4 years) and postgraduate programmes, including PhD.
The University has continuously developed since its foundation; at present, the campus comprises almost 37.000 square metres of teaching facilities, two gymnasiums, a synthetic-grass sports ground provided with a hot-air inflatable rooftop balloon in wintertime and equipped with a lighting system, as well as a Swimming and Kinetotherapy Complex. The University provides accommodation for over 1000 students in 4 residential facilities of European standards.
A renovated university restaurant of 220 seats, 2 exhibition rooms, a library with 4 reading rooms and all the university buildings equipped with teaching rooms, laboratories with computers and devices necessary for research and study, all these qualify the campus as a modern and dynamic space.
The growing need for updating the current infrastructure due to a consistent increase in the number of students determined the creation of a project for a second campus. The new campus will be built on a surface of 30 hectares and will comprise buildings with lecture halls, 4 modern accommodation buildings, nanotechnology and biotechnology research laboratories, a sports arena with 4000 seats, a university restaurant, a dendrological park and a botanical garden, an Olympic swimming pool and sport grounds.

The University Library was established with the revival of higher education in southern Bucovina, in 1963 and in the first year of operation it provided its users a modest fund of 3000 books. In the present, due to acquisitions and thanks to generous donations, the number of publications has reached almost 300.000 volumes, with an encyclopedic character.
Currently, the library has 5 reading rooms with over 200 study places, scanners, printers, 1 internet room and 1 room destined for home loans and returns. The Library staff is looking for the most suitable solutions and tools to meet the information and documentation needs of all persons who use the services of this department.

The Book Cafe facilitates reading - it has a library, students can borrow books during their stay in the cafe. It is a modern facility within university campus, designed to offer students the opportunity to read and socialize in a pleasant way.

The Planetarium was inaugurated in 1982 and it is the largest in the country in terms of room capacity and dome diameter. It is designed for the projection of the sky from the northern and southern hemisphere, of the solar system, of the visible planets, of the Galilean satellites and so on.
Recently the observatory hosted the International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics, an events organized by our university that gathered teams from more than 40 countries. The main hall of the Planetarium is of semi spherical shape with a 10 m dome opening and it seats, in a circularly setting, up to 80 people, and it also includes a terrace for astronomical observations with a Carl Zeiss (x120) telescope and a Cassegrain telescope (x375). Also, the planetarium has a library containing books and scientific periodicals, which represents a real support for all astronomy enthusiasts.

The Joseph Schmidt Auditorium (267.3 square meters, 235 seats) hosts most USV cultural and artistic events. Joseph Schmidt (March 4, 1904 - November 16, 1942) was a Jewish Romanian tenor and actor. Residential Buildings (students' accommodation). The rooms are equipped with restrooms, showers, internet access connections, cable TV, modern furniture, TV, and refrigerator. The university's intranet network is available to all students in the hostels.
As stipulated in the hostel regulations, our students are entitled to participate in the administration process, namely to set down their annual accommodation priorities, to propose and implement new life-improvement measures.

Swimming and Kinetotherapy Centre
Movable platform that adapts the water depth to the different needs: therapy procedures, aqua gym, swimming lessons, leisure activities. Ştefan cel Mare University of Suceava organizes the Swimming CUP Event

Athletic field (2,500 square meters) provided with artificial turf, inflatable rooftop, running track and lighting system.

The university restaurant, brought up to European standards, has a useful surface of 1,600 square meters and can afford 200-250 students at a time.

The main objectives of the Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava are the following: to train specialists with degrees in the subject areas acknowledged by the national and Europeean official documents, to harmoniously shape the students' personality, to enhance their creativity and encourage improvement, to continuously develop scientific research, at the level of contemporary international standards, to seek for a permanent assessment of scientific performance of the members of the academic community, by means of their involvement in the international community and in co-operation among universities, as well as to constantly improve the educational and scientific research activities with a view to structural, qualitative and economically successful integration within the European system of higher education.
The academic heritage of the University of Suceava is based on the cultural and higher education tradition particular to the Bukovina region. Closely connected to other important European institutions such as the National University of Chernivtsi - Ukraine and the State University of Kishinev - Moldova, the Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava promotes academic distinction and enhances the authentic comprehension of the experiences initiated more than four decades ago.
The Stefan cel Mare University has adopted and implemented the principles stipulated in the Declaration of Bologna (1999) and in Magna Oiarta Universitatum (2005). In doing so, we have continuously improved the dynamics of its subjects, of its degree and research programmes.
Our University has integrated these models and has applied the university reform by adopting, among others, a new academic structure in force since 2005-2006. By their professional competence and international recognition, the teaching and research staff of the University of Suceava guarantee our students high-quality education and professional training with a view to their proper integration within the European value system, within the framework of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) as well as to the future development of various European projects.